Trends for Today's Office Fitouts You'll Want to Consider

Office fitouts can be a big investment for any company, but they're necessary in order to create an office space that can be fully utilized by your staff. Before you decide on all the partitions and walls and other pieces you need for your office space, note a few trends for today's offices that you may want to consider as well, and why they're becoming so popular.

Shrinking the space

Today's workers are more likely to utilize electronic storage of documents rather than keeping files, reference books, and other items on hand. In turn, they may not need as much storage space. Conference rooms are also often much smaller than ever before, as many companies will have workers offsite who don't travel to the office for meetings and the like. Hooking people up through videoconferencing, even over Skype, is more economical than all those travel costs, and this also means that your conference rooms may not need to be as large.

Glass partitions

It became very popular some years back to lower partitions in the office, to allow sunlight to pass through and for everyone to see each other in order to create a team atmosphere. However, this meant more noise and distraction. As a compromise, glass partitions are now very popular for the office versus fabric or drywall. The glass allows light from the surrounding windows and helps workers to see who else is present, while cutting down on sound.

Enclaves and private offices

Even with large partitions, it can still be difficult to concentrate on certain phone calls or while managing special projects in the office. Enclaves or private offices that are big enough for temporary use have become very popular; you can sign out such an office for a day, a few hours, or as long as necessary. This gives workers the quiet they may need temporarily while not taking up space for offices for everyone.

Break areas

Don't underestimate the need for regular, quiet breaks for your employees. Being able to step away for ten or fifteen minutes every morning and afternoon can allow an employee to recharge and refocus. Rather than just one kitchen or break area for everyone, however, you might consider smaller break spaces with a coffeemaker and mini fridge, along with some relaxing lounge chairs. This can give employees more quiet than if they took a break in a busy kitchen and can mean less wasted storage space or floor space in an oversized kitchen that isn't used.

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