Details You Can Discover with a Land Survey

You may be familiar with the idea of a land survey providing information about a property's boundaries. But a land survey can also provide other information that is less physically apparent. What further details can you expect to find in a land survey? Read on to find out.

Zoning Classification 

A land survey will explain the zoning classifications and any restrictions associated with a property. Some zones are residential, but others may be classified as both residential and commercial to some degree. Knowing the exact classification of a property will spell out how you can and can't use it and whether you could run a particular type of business at that address in the future. It's not wise to assume a classification based on how a property is currently used, as there is a chance that regulations are being breached.

Subdivision Possibilities

You can also discover from a land survey whether a property has the potential to be subdivided in the future. While this may not be on your radar at present, it might be something you consider in the future, and the survey will outline the possibilities. That way, you can know if you can build an additional dwelling for a family member or profit down the track.

Underground Pipes and Cables

It's easy to walk around a property and see what it looks like, but that does not provide any clue as to what's underneath the ground. A survey will find this out, however. The surveyor will research and map any underground utilities, such as cables or water mains, and explain any easements that provide companies with the right of access to maintain them. You need to know about this infrastructure, as it will limit where you can build on the property. The easement might mean you can't construct a building in a specific spot. Additionally, underground facilities will restrict where you can dig and excavate.

Fence Position

Land surveyors can also discover any discrepancies in the position of the fence, which is only something that is obvious with research. While it's easy to assume the current location is correct, that is not necessarily the case. The survey can reveal the actual boundary, which will also help prevent future boundary disputes with a neighbour. You can also use the survey information if you need to rebuild the fence, knowing it's legally positioned and you won't be taking any risks. 

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You may be familiar with the idea of a land survey providing information about a property's boundaries. But a land survey can also provide other infor