What Tasks Does a Land Surveyor Do Before Construction Begins?

If you're planning to construct something on your property, such as a house, shed or garage, one of the first professionals you should consult is a land surveyor. A land surveyor will carry out several important tasks that help ensure the construction of your structure goes smoothly. Let's take a look at four of these essential tasks.

1. Verifying Property Lines

This is perhaps the most important task that a land surveyor will do. They must accurately determine the boundaries of your property and verify them with existing records to ensure that the proposed construction project does not encroach upon any nearby properties or public land. The surveying professional will use specialized equipment like GPS receivers and total stations to measure and record boundary lines along with other features like roads, rivers and waterways in relation to your property.

2. Plotting Topography

A land surveyor must also create an accurate map of the topography of your site before any construction begins. This includes determining grades used for drainage purposes and elevations used for grading soil levels so that proper drainage can be achieved on-site during construction.

3. Establishing Corner Monuments

Once boundary lines have been determined and topographical features have been measured and recorded, it is necessary for corner monuments to be established at each corner of your property line as legal reference points for future boundary disputes or conflicts between adjacent properties (if any). These monuments are typically marked with metal rods driven into the ground at precise points and then registered with local authorities for legal recognition purposes.

4. Generating Plans and Reports

After all surveying tasks have been completed, a professional land surveyor will generate plans and reports containing all relevant data gathered from their surveys, which contractors can use during on-site construction work. These plans typically include measurements, directions, angles, elevations, distances between points contours for slopes/grades/drainage systems etc., as well as an overall layout of how everything should fit together once construction has been completed successfully according to plan.


Before beginning any major construction project on your property, it's vital to hire the services of a land surveyor who can accurately measure and map out boundaries lines as well as plot topographical features such as grades/slopes/elevations etc., establish corner monuments which legally recognize those boundaries for dispute resolution purposes if needed in future years, generate plans and reports containing all relevant data gathered from their surveys.

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