Why The End Of Winter Does Not Mean The Need For Insulation Subsides

Insulation is important in a lot of the world that suffers through extremely cold winters, and while parts of Australia certainly do get quite chilly during the winter months, the need for insulation is far less than it is in other countries during the coldest season. However, in stark contrast to that, the need for residential insulation is far greater in Australia during summer than it is for most of the world. Here are a few reasons why those that put off getting their insulation sorted during winter need to work much harder to get it done before the height of summer.

Sweltering Boxes Of Heat

Australian homes are made up of a bunch of different materials, but stone is rarely used because of its cost and its difficulty to use. However, it also means that most homes become very hot during the summer months, as stone is one of the best natural insulators and most materials fall short of it. You have probably suffered through your fair share of hot summers that feel extremely stuffy inside, and the only defence against it is insulation combined with a steady and efficient air conditioner.

More Time At Home

There are rarely long breaks during the winter months with school holidays in most states capped at two weeks and most people saving up their time off at work for the warmer months. There are also a lot of national holidays in Australia during the summer months, from Christmas to Australia Day and even Valentine's Day. That means more people are at home during summer, and thus have to deal with their homes' poor insulation. Do not wish you were back at work just so that you can be cool for a change; upgrade your insulation, and enjoy your time off. You have earned it.

Good Investment

While you might use the air conditioner in winter for a few hours in the morning and night to keep yourself warm, many people have their AC running for over 12 hours a day during the peak of summer because it simply does not get that much cooler when the sun goes away. Instead, the heat just lays on top of you like a warm blanket. Most people's electricity bills skyrocket during summer, and residential insulation is one of the only ways you can make your home more efficient in a long-lasting and environmentally friendly way. 

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