Top Signs You Should Choose a Screw Pile Foundation for Your Soon-to-Be Built Home

You might be feeling really excited right now because you might be planning on having a home built really soon. You might already be working on the design and comparing your options for building materials and finishes. After all, it's probably very important to you for your home to be built properly. You should also spend some time learning about some of the building processes and techniques that might be used in the construction of your home. For example, you might want to learn about different foundation installation techniques, like screw piling. You may want to choose a screw pile foundation for your home if any of the things listed below are true.

It's Required in Your Area

Depending on the building codes in the area where you will be having your home built, you might be required to install a screw pile foundation. This could be because it's required for all new homes being built, or it could be required because of the size of your home or some other reason. Your general contractor should know more about whether or not screw piling will be required for your home building project, based off of where you live, and they should be knowledgeable about other building codes and regulations that might impact your building project, too.

You're Building a Large Home

Some people choose to build a small, modest home because they're on a budget or because they don't need much space, such as if they have a small family. You might be planning on building a much bigger home, however; for example, you might have a larger family or you might just want to build a bigger and more luxurious house. If this is the case, then you should be aware that your bigger home will probably need better support, which means that a more secure foundation will need to be built. You may find that a screw pile foundation can help with this goal.

Your Property Has Less-Than-Ideal Soil

The condition of the soil that your home is being built on can have a big impact on the stability of the home. If your building site has less-than-ideal soil — such as if the soil is sandy or just isn't very stable — then extra steps might have to be taken. Some site work might have to be done, and you may find that a screw pile foundation is going to provide you with a much better foundation, despite the condition of your soil.

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