Maximising renovation value on cheaper properties

Many renovations specialise in detailing luxury renovations in high-end properties. However many renovators are focused on getting the renovations complete on lower value properties (either to sell them or make them more desirable to live in or rent. When renovating a property you don't want to over capitalise (spend more on renovation than the value it will add to the property). Here are some tips to get a maximum bang for buck when renovating. 

Get painting

One of the quickest ways to brighten up a property is by painting the walls and doors. If the property is small, then choose lighter colours to make the property feel lighter and more open. You don't have to stick entirely to boring neutrals as you can add light pastel tones or accents to the rooms to help the house to feel brighter without being dull. You can also add pops of colours in the furnishings. 

Replace your window coverings

Old, broken and dirty window coverings can also make your home looks dingy and can limit the amount of light that enters the rooms. An easy and cheap way to renovate rooms with poor window coverings is to replace the window coverings. Slimline Venetian blinds are often affordable, look classy and are easy to clean. They are also great for people with allergies, as they do not gather as much dust. Tip — secure the bottom of the blinds against the window frame as cheaper Venetians are usually less heavy and tend to 'flap' around in winds.

Replace cabinet handles and door knobs

Loose or unstylish door knobs and cabinet handles can make a room look drab and can be frustrating. Replacing knobs and handles with new feature items can brighten up a plain room and add some focus. Having knobs and handles that are easy to use also make the home more pleasant to live in. These items are relatively low in cost yet have a big impact on the appearance of areas such as kitchens. You can combine this with laminate paint on old cupboards to get the look of new kitchen cupboards for a fraction of the price.

If you are looking to renovator a low-value home on a budget there are a few low-cost, high-impact steps you can take. A renovating company can often give you some great advice on the renovations that would add the most value to your home.  

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