Guide to Roof Type Selection

A good roof impacts the outdoor design of your home, but it is also your first line of defence from harsh weather elements such as direct sunlight, rain and hailstorms. But making a suitable choice from the extensive range of roofing materials available today is not an easy thing. That's why homeowners looking forward to replacing their roofing should be armed with proper knowledge of what they should look into before choosing a new roof for their home.

Here is a look at the nitty-gritties.

Weight of the roof structure

So as to prevent roof collapse, you will need to know how much a roof weighs. Generally speaking, roofing products do not come in the same weight; some products are lightweight, others are heavy. Your roof framing system and entire building should be able to support the full weight of the favoured roofing product or material. Regardless of what type of roof design you choose, you should know that metal products are generally lighter in terms of weight as compared to alternatives made from concrete or clay, for example.

Factoring in the weight of your roof does not only matter when it comes to preventing cave-ins. There are also of other impacts that may be of interest to you. Heavy roofing materials, for example, generally have great thermal mass, which helps to retain heat within a building. This means that heat absorbed during sunny days can be held within the roof structure, keeping your attic warmed up even after the sun has already gone down.

Climatic conditions

The climate of the region where you reside has a big say in determining the type of roof you should use for your re-roofing project. Why? Because the longevity of your roof structure is affected by the climatic conditions it is exposed to. If you live in an area that experiences wet climates for the most part of the year, you should opt for a roofing material can bear up well to the wear down that may be caused by constant exposure to humid conditions, for example. In wet areas, metal roofing would be a perfect option. Not only is this roof type water-resistant, but it is also built rust-resistant and can prevent algae growth. If you reside in an area with hot desert climates, clay tiles may serve you well because they don't absorb heat and offer great wind-resistance. Let your climate guide your selection.

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