Surveying the Land for a Modular Home: Tips to Keep in Mind When Arranging the Survey

If you are buying a modular home, the home is assembled in a factory, meaning you don't have to build it on site. However, you still need to do a construction survey to decide where to put the foundation and to prepare the area for the modular home. Here are some tips to keep in mind when arranging construction surveying of your property for a modular home.

Review local setback laws

When the surveyor comes to your home, he or she will mark the outer corners of your property to define the property line. That can also give you some guidance on where to place your modular home. In particular, you need to ensure that you follow laws related to setbacks (the distance buildings need to be from the property line).

If your foundation is over the property line or past the setback area, you may have to tear down the foundation and rebuild it. If you already have your modular home in place by the time someone notices the issue, you may have to move the entire thing, foundation, home and all. Because of that, it's important to know the setback rules for your area.

Choose a spot on the highest part of the property

Once you have reviewed the setback laws, you can start to choose the spot where you hope to put the house. To help with drainage issues, this should typically be the highest spot on your property or it should at least be higher than the surrounding areas. Once you identify the rough spot where you want the house, put some stakes in to mark it, and then let the surveyor adjust the exact spot as needed for balance, accuracy and topographical considerations.

Decide if you need a topographical plat

As you look around your lot trying to find the perfect spot for your manufactured home, you can easily decide if you need a topographical plat. A topographical plat is a special type of survey that focuses on the elevation of the plot. With this survey, you can make decisions about which spots to level, where to add retaining walls and other considerations related to putting in the home and landscaping around it. In most cases, you only need a topographical plat if your ground slopes noticeably with swells and slopes a metre or more high.

Focus on creating a level spot for the foundation

In addition to helping you decide where to place your home and giving you tips on how best to prepare the rest of your site, a surveyor can also set up the stakes to guide the builders as they put in your foundation. Talk with the surveyor about the importance of a level foundation. Without that, your modular home base may crack, and the home itself may incur damage.

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