Minor Changes That Would Makeover Your Bathroom

If you are contemplating a bathroom renovation, it is not uncommon to find yourself hesitant as you assume that it may cost an arm and a leg. This fear of the unknown should not deter you, though. There are several ways that you can go through bathroom remodelling without having to deplete all your savings. All you have to do is focus on specific areas that will bring you a significant return on your remodelling investment. The following are some of the minor changes that you could embark on to makeover your bathroom.

Invest in new taps and resurfacing

If your bathroom sink and tub are still in pristine condition, you can get away with simply changing their tap ware. There is a myriad of new taps you could choose from that would provide you with technologically savvy tap ware. For instance, automatic taps can work toward considering water in your bathroom by ensuring that taps are not left slightly opened once used. You can also opt for new finishes in metals such as titanium or gold to bring some shine and sophistication to your bathroom.

If you find the new tap ware is making the older sink and tub look haggard, then you could choose to resurface them. Remodelling contractors can bring back the gleam and shine to your tub and sink without you having to invest in replacing them in their entirety.

Create the illusion of floating

If you have a small bathroom, having hardware on the floor of your bathroom can actually make the room appear smaller. To have some additional space, you should try creating the illusion of floating amenities. For example, rather than having your toilet affixed to the floor, have the remodelling contractors hang it on the wall. This can be followed by recessing the cistern into the wall to create vertical space. By having the toilet off the floor and installing the cistern within the wall, not only do you create floor space, but you also create vertical space.

Another amenity that you could have floating in your bathroom is the vanity. Typically, vanities will take up floor space as the plumbing will be located below it. Instead, recess the plumbing into the wall and this will free up the space below the vanity. You can then opt to install additional storage below the vanity. Alternatively, you could leave it empty so that the bathroom appears larger than it really is.

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