Selecting Flooring for Your Commercial Building

Making a selection of commercial flooring is not the same as selecting flooring for your home. Functionality should be your main priority, thus your flooring choice would largely depend on what type of business you will be conducting in the commercial building. For instance, an office space would require vastly different flooring than a clinic. Your choice of flooring will also depend on the amount of usage it will be exposed to. For example, it would not make sense to prioritise the aesthetics of your flooring only for it to be incapable of withstanding high traffic. The following are some of the different options you can consider when selecting flooring for your commercial building.

Terrazzo flooring

This is a popular option for commercial flooring as it blends both functionality and aesthetics seamlessly into your building. Terrazzo is characterised by mosaic patterns with specks of marble embedded into the concrete. If you do not like marble, you can opt for other materials such as metals or glass to add some glimmer to your flooring.

It should be noted that terrazzo is also one of the most expensive options that you could consider. This is because of the triple threat it provides by being attractive, durable and easy to keep well maintained. As such, terrazzo can be used for all types of commercial settings, whether you are renting out your building for office space or using it as a warehouse.

Carpet tiles

Commercial buildings tend to be quite expansive. Therefore, it can prove economically challenging to opt to carpet all the flooring in the building. If you are suiting your building as an office space and would like to enhance the comfort of your tenants, then you could consider carpet tiles. As the name suggests, these are individual tiles of carpet that are arranged to create the illusion of wall-to-wall carpeting. The carpet tiles also add a layer of sound insulation in the commercial building, which will function to ensure the different tenants do not bother each other with the sound of footfalls. This type of flooring is also easy to replace in the event of damage, as all the contractors would have to do is take out the affected carpet tiles.

Nevertheless, carpet tiles would not be a feasible option in buildings used as schools or medical facilities. Not only will they be prone to soiling making them unsightly, but they will also absorb bacteria and a host of other pathogens and allergens.

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