Why Use a Permanent Placement Agency to Fill Your Construction Jobs?

When you have construction jobs to fill, you might assume you can or should handle this hiring yourself. However, a placement agency specialising in construction jobs can offer you some great advantages over managing this process on your own; one such advantage is that they can perform certain tests and assessments for candidates that you may not know how to manage on your own. Note a few of those tests here so you can determine if using a placement agency is your best choice for construction jobs you need filled.

Drug testing, background checks

Having prospective employees go through drug testing and background checks is often somewhat standard, but do you know how to have those tests conducted legally and also thoroughly? If you contact a local drug testing agency, they may give you a number of tests from which to choose, and you may not know the best ones for your prospective employees. The same is true for background checks; these need to be thorough but there may also be legal limits as to what information you can collect.

Along with collecting this information, you need to ensure test results are handled confidentially. Failing to hold certain information in confidence may result in a civil suit against you by an employee, which is why it can be good to have a placement agency manage these checks instead.

Verification of right to work

It's good to ensure that everyone on your jobsite is legally allowed to work in your country; a placement agency will be able to more readily confirm a person's identification and, if they are in the country on a visa, that they are legally able to work. If you do hire those who are in the country on a work visa, you may be legally obligated to show proof of payment to these ones. A permanent placement agency can advise you on your legal obligations and how to ensure you don't face fines or fees for failure to pay migrants properly. 

Physical checks

Construction is a very labor-intensive industry, so you need to ensure that your employees are physically able to handle this work. However, there may be legal limits as to the types of medical tests that can be performed for potential employees and, as with other checks, how this information is handled. A permanent placement agency will know how to arrange these physical tests and can ensure this information is kept confidential so you avoid potential liability.  

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