Why Timber Cladding Would Be Ideal For Your Home

Cladding refers to materials that are affixed to the external surfaces of a structure to provide both a functional as well as an aesthetic finish. One of the materials that you could consider when replacing the cladding of your home is timber supplies. Timber cladding will typically be in the form or long, narrow boards that are installed overlapping each other. With the timber cladding boards, you could have them affixed horizontally, diagonally or vertically depending on your aesthetic preferences. Other forms of timber cladding that you could consider are timber panels or timber shingles. It should be noted that timber cladding is not simply for the enhancement of your residence's curb appeal. This material, once treated and sealed, can also be quite functional. So why would timber cladding be ideal for your home?

Timber cladding is versatile

A major benefit of timber supplies being used as cladding is that they are quite versatile. Firstly, the timber is easy to work with. Meaning the contractors can be able to cut it to any size to ensure that it is customized for your home.

Secondly, the timber supplies come in a wide array of patterns. This gives you the flexibility to create unique designs with your home's cladding. Thirdly, timber cladding can be used for different types of structures. This makes it a good option for homeowners who have several structures on their property such as a garden shed, a granny flat and more. The contractors can match the cladding on all these structures to create a sense of uniformity of your premises.

Lastly, timber cladding gives you the flexibility to experiment with various decorative effects. Through painting or staining the cladding, you can come up with attractive finishes that would make your home stand out.

Timber cladding is eco-friendly

If you are concerned about your overall impact on the environment, then you may want to consider timber cladding. There are several ways that timber supplies would be a more environmentally friendly option when compared to other alternatives. Firstly, timber supplies are a renewable resource. This means that your cladding will be made from materials that are being harvested and regrown, rather than contributing to deforestation.

Secondly, timber supplies only require a few fossil fuels during the manufacturing process. Lastly, timber supplies are completely recyclable. As such, in the event that your cladding has become worn and requires replacement, you can rest assured the timber supplies will be recycled for other uses. For more information, contact companies like Hayter's Timber & Paving.

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