Splash and Film Fill for Your Cooling Tower: Choosing the Right Fill Based on Your Water Supply

The sole purpose of installing cooling towers is to remove unwanted heat from a building and ensure optimal thermal conditions for the occupants. The cooling effect is achieved through water that runs continuously in the system and acts as medium of heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor air. To fasten the cooling effect of the water in the cooling tower, cooling tower fill is used. The fill increases the surface of the water exposed to the atmosphere, meaning that more water is in contact with the outdoor air to get rid of the unwanted heat. When choosing a cooling tower, an understanding of the kind of fill it has will help you to make the right choice. Here is a discussion on splash and film fill for cooling towers for the best consumer choice:

Splash Fill

Splash fill is designed in a way that allows water to cascade (pour down like a waterfall) over a parallel splash bars arranged in succession. This design enables water to flow over the splash bars for a long time through the repeated interruption of the water's smooth flow. Notably, the arrangement of the splash bars is quite lenient on dirty water, making them ideal for cases where the supply of clean water is unreliable or where you have an inconsistent water treatment schedule. However, there is a need for support systems to guarantee the prolonged performance of the splash fill. For optimal performance, you must prevent blockages at all costs. Poor water supply over the splash fill makes some areas devoid of water, and most air will flow through the sections with no water because there is no resistance to airflow, leading to inefficient heat transfer.

Film Fill

Film fill comes in the form of thin sheets that create a corrugated pattern throughout the towers. Unlike splash fill, the sheets are more tightly spaced, creating more turbulence to the flow of air from the inside of the building to the outside. Unlike their splash fill counterparts, film fill is sensitive to both the supply and the quality of the water running through the cooling tower. Any dirt or interference with the water supply within the cooling tower greatly affects the quality of the thermoregulation achieved by the film fill. Sections deprived of water become impassable for air exchange, cutting out air exchange completely unlike splash fill. This means that you should only go for film fill if you have a reliable water supply that is treated every time before it is run in the system.

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