What to Do When Your Car's Keyless Entry System Stops Working

Keyless entry for your car can certainly make life easier. With one push of a button your car unlocks, and it's a feature you quickly get used to. Perhaps this is why it can feel somewhat disconcerting when your keyless entry stops working. You press the button and yet your car remains locked. Not to worry, as your keyless entry will almost certainly need some tweaking throughout its operational life. But what are some ways to troubleshoot a keyless entry system that has stopped responding?

Use Your Replacement Fob

Your vehicle will probably have come with more than one keyless entry fob. Try to use your backup fob to open your car. If this is successful, you know that the problem is with your primary fob as opposed to being an issue with your vehicle. You should next check the battery in your primary fob.

The Battery

Most keyless fobs can be opened with a screwdriver. Open it and replace the battery. It will require a small disc type of battery, which is generally a cr2032 or cr2025 model. These can be easily obtained from any hardware or electrical shop. Try to use the fob with the fresh battery.

The Button

If the battery in the primary fob has been replaced and the vehicle still does not open, you should assess how the button actually feels under your finger. Does it feel sticky or does it feel like it doesn't smoothly move into the downwards position? It might have become damaged, causing it to misalign against the fob's circuit board. It needs to be put back into the correct position using a soldering iron. This can be a delicate process, so it's best to take your fob to an auto locksmith who specialises in keyless entry systems. It won't take them long to do the necessary work.

Reset the Fob

If keyless entry still does not work even after the battery has been replaced and/or the unlock button has been realigned, you should attempt to reset your fob. Use your key to get into the vehicle, then close the door and insert the key into the ignition. Turn the key between the primary and secondary positions. Do this back and forth until you hear an notification. This will sound like a chime—much like if a door has been left open or a seatbelt has not been fastened. When you hear this noise, press the locking button on your fob, which will produce an identical audio notification. Get out of the car, close the door and try to lock it with your keyless entry fob.

Replace the Fob

If none of these methods are able to restore your keyless entry to working order, then you might need to replace the fob. You can obtain a new fob from your vehicle's manufacturer. You can also contact an auto locksmith who can provide you with a generic keyless entry fob that they can sync with your vehicle. This is usually more cost-effective than a replacement fob from the manufacturer.

It can be an annoyance when your keyless entry stops working, but it's generally an annoyance that is easy to overcome.

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