What Services Do Commercial Cleaners Offer?

An office cleaner who comes into a business premises at the end of the working day to empty the waste paper baskets and do a bit of vacuum cleaning may be all that some companies need. However, there is a growing demand in Australia for a more professional approach taken by commercial cleaners. Rather than taking on a part-time, casual employee with a limited skill set for cleaning, professional cleaning companies provide a much more fully-rounded service. But what is it that commercial cleaners do that makes them truly stand out?

Quality Control

Among the complaints office managers often hear is that the cleaner has obviously been in but that he or she has done a poor job. Perhaps they have not cleaned under the desks, just around them, or only dusted the work stations when they have been cleared of all obstructions? The difference with professional commercial cleaners is that they will have their work regularly inspected by supervisors. Managers in a large sub-contracted cleaning firm have responsibility for quality control, so if any areas of cleaning are being skimped on, or missed out entirely, you can rest assured that the matter will be dealt with.

Special Services

Along with the run-of-the-mill cleaning jobs all business premises need, some require special services from time-to-time. It might be that you need your office carpet shampooed as a one-off, ahead of a big corporate meeting, for instance. On the other hand, you may need graffiti or other unwanted additions to the outside of your headquarters to be removed professionally. With commercial cleaning companies, all you have to do is ask for the additional service to be provided, when required and without any further commitment. Other special services you might call upon once in a while include floor polishing, window cleaning and high-pressure jet cleaning, a great way of removing ground-in substances like chewing gum.

Food Processing Plants and Medical Centres

Some institutions require a much higher level of cleanliness than others. If your business is anything to do with food preparation or the provision of health care services, then you will already know that a visually clean environment is not enough – being free of germs is essential. Unlike individual cleaning operatives or smaller firms, a truly professional cleaning company has access to the specialist equipment needed to keep a facility fully sanitised. Whether it is access to pre-rinsing equipment or foam cleaning devices, hiring a professional sub-contractor makes most sense in these sorts of places.

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