New Home Features to Discuss With Your Builder

If you're having a home built from the foundation up, you may have the option of creating a space that works uniquely for you, rather than settling on a model or something generic. If this is the case with you, note a few new home features to discuss with your builder that you may be overlooking, but which can add style and value to your home and make it uniquely your own.

Coffee room

Having a breakfast nook off the kitchen is very popular, but a coffee room can be even more so, and especially for retirees or those without busy families. A coffee room may be smaller than a breakfast nook so it can hold two comfortable chairs and a side table. This gives you room to have your coffee and croissants while reading the morning paper without the room that would otherwise be needed for a full table that's used for eating.

Freestanding tub

If you love to soak in a hot bath, opt for a freestanding, claw foot tub for your bath rather than a standard tub. This can make the bath more inviting and relaxing. Be sure to add large windows next to the tub or even a skylight that opens so you can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, the view of the stars, or whatever else the outdoors offers while you're soaking!

Smaller showers

While a freestanding tub is good, if you know you won't be using a tub, opt for a smaller shower area for your bathroom. A walk in shower that is just a few feet or meters wide can mean taking up less of a footprint in the bathroom, leaving space outside the shower for storage, double sinks, or something else that better suits your lifestyle. A smaller shower with a built-in seat is also good for those with arthritis or other issues that actually make getting in and out of the tub difficult if not dangerous.

Fire pits

Building a fireplace into a home means creating a chimney and surround or hearth; however, today's homes often offer fire pits, or spaces for electric fires or fires that are fed by fire rocks and not with wood. These fire pits mean no ash and no smoke, so there is no need for a chimney. They're also safer than dealing with a wood fire and easier to start and extinguish. These smaller pits can be built into virtually any wall, creating a great look for a kitchen, dining room, or even the bathroom.

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