Types of Gutters You Could Buy For Your Home

When constructing a new home, one of the integral parts you would have to consider is the guttering. Some homeowners are under the false assumption that there is only one type of guttering system that you can install. The truth is there is an array of options to choose from depending on the design as well as functionality that you would want from the gutters. The following is an outline of some of the different gutters you could buy for your new home.

Square guttering systems

As the name suggests, these types of gutters will be square in appearance. You have the option of choosing between two different profiles: the hi-square or the lo-square profile. Square gutter systems have a significantly high capacity that enables them to handle copious amounts of water at a time. This makes them ideal for structures built in areas that receive a high amount of rainfall on a regular basis. They will typically be made from galvanised steel to ensure the stay sturdy, as well as stay resistant to corrosion.

Box guttering systems

These types of gutters get their name from their placement as they are boxed either in the middle of your roofing or right at the edge. They are an ideal option for homeowners who would like their gutters to be out of sight. Since these gutters would not be easy to inspect on a regular basis, it is essential that they are made from high-quality materials with a long lifespan such as stainless steel. In addition to this, an emergency overflow system would have to be installed in tandem with these gutters. This is to ensure that water is diverted appropriately in the event of a blockage in the guttering system. Failure to include this emergency overflow could lead to water overflowing right into your roofing, and this could cause extensive structural damage to your home.

Fascia guttering systems

These types of gutters are also known as eaves gutters. They are made up of both the roof's fascia as well as the gutters to create a single system. Incorporating the two enables you to eliminate the addition of either a metallic or a timber fascia to your roofing. Fascia guttering systems are installed right into the rafters of the roof. Popular materials used to create these gutters include Colorbond as well as Zincalume. They are a popular option for homeowners who would like to add some colour to their roofing with their choice of gutter systems.

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