Follow These Tips to Prevent Birds Flying Into and Damaging Your Windows

Birds can crash into windows for a number of reasons, and the impact often causes them to become stunned or even die. That's bad enough, but the impact can also smash or crack the glass in your windows. To help prevent that from happening, make sure you follow the tips listed below.

Ensure There Are No Line-of-Sight Window Pairings

For obvious reasons, birds don't really like flying into unknown enclosed spaces. One of the most common reasons for them to fly into a window is because they think it marks the start of a path through your house rather than an entrance into it. This usually occurs when you can see through a set of windows on one side of the house and then out the other side from a set of windows opposite. To birds, this represents a viable flight path. Try to keep one set of blinds or curtains closed to make sure any avian accidents are avoided.

Reduce Any Reflections

People tend to think that birds only fly into windows because the lack of any reflections makes them think that there is nothing in the way.  In reality, strikes often occur when clouds, sky, or trees are reflected in a window, providing the impression that a bird will be flying into them. A light shade works well to keep your windows from reflecting too much. You can also put a special adhesive plastic sheet across the window; this prevents reflections without affecting the transparency of the glass.

Move Any Bird Feeders

When it comes to positioning your bird feeders, they need to be either far away from windows or right up close to them. Placing the feeder close by, within a couple of feet, means that birds have to approach and leave at a slower speed, meaning that they won't strike the window as hard and will have more time to react if they notice that something is amiss. By placing the feeder far away, you'll give birds more time to manoeuvre.

Fit Ultraviolet Glass

If you want a permanent solution, consider replacing the glass in the problem windows for panes that are ultraviolet. These panes possess crisscrossing patterns that aren't discernible to humans but are visible to birds approaching from outside. This is clearly the most expensive prevention option. However, it can be worth the money if bird strikes occur regularly, particularly if windows have been damaged in the past.

For more information, contact a glass repair professional.

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