A Quick Guide to Choosing a Skip Bin for Your Clean-Up Project

Renovation, demolition, and construction projects, among other projects, usually leave a mess when completed. Cleaning up the rubble, soil, sand and other waste often requires some planning. For this reason, you may find the need to call skip bin hire companies at the end of your project. However, skip bins are available in very many types, so finding the most suitable can be hectic. To help you find the best skip bin for your clean-up exercise, here are a few key things you should have in mind before hiring one.

What Are The Weather Implications?

It's very important to understand how the weather pattern might affect your project, especially if it rains. That is, would you have to move the skip bin over slippery surfaces? If so, how can you alleviate the situation? Sometimes moving bins over slippery surfaces can pose serious accident hazards. Such accidents can lead to liability lawsuits on the part of the skip bin hire company. For this reason, many companies may not be willing to rent out their bins under such weather conditions unless you have a secure location to keep it. Therefore, plan well for the location of the skip bin if it is anticipated the weather, especially rainy conditions, will affect the project.

How Easily Can You Move The Bin?

Typically, a skip bin should remain at a particular point until collected by the bin operators. However, you may want to move the bin around for easy accessibility to rubbish, especially when the area is large and hiring more bins would be costly. In such a case, choose a bin that has wheels.

Can You Place The Bin On The Footpaths?

Placement on the footpaths is usually a concern when you don't have an ideal place to keep the bin within your clean-up site. In most cases however, this would be prohibited by local and even state regulations since the footpath is usually a public walkway, which means that you'd probably block other people from using them. Therefore, if you must place the bin on the footpath, obtain a permit from your local council first. Alternatively, you can inform the bin hire company in advance so that they get the permit for you before drop off, although this will be at an added cost.

With the above tips, you will get the perfect bin for your project. However, remember that different bins are meant for different types of wastes, so don't mix them up.

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