6 Residential Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Blocked toilets, clogged sinks, and leaking pipes are the most common residential plumbing issues that you will have to experience in your lifetime. These plumbing issues can be a nightmare because they occur when least expected. However, with proper planning and maintenance schedule, your drainage system can endure some beating without causing major inconveniences or hurting your pocket. This article examines some helpful tips to deal with residential plumbing systems. 

Water Shut-off Valve -- As a homeowner, you should know where the valve to shut down the water supply is located. When your sink or toilet malfunctions, or a pipe bursts in the house and water starts gushing in every direction, this valve can save the day. A shut-off valve is your first line of defense when you want to prevent your home from flooding.

Fix Leaky Shower Heads and Faucets -- Never ignore small leaks that may escalate into a full-blown leakage problem. Take apart the shower head and remove all the dirt and debris that has accumulated. Such dirt can be the source of the leak. Regular maintenance of shower-heads can minimize this problem; thus, saving you money. Also, replace or fix faulty faucets as soon as you spot leaking water for the first time.

Repair or Replace Old and damaged Pipes -- Old pipes are subject to rust and corrosion problems after extended use. A plumbing expert can fix this issue by replacing or repairing worn out pipes. Apart from the risk of causing flooding, corrosion can significantly diminish water pressure in your home.

Hair Accumulation in the Bathroom -- Hair can build up in the bathroom and clog the drains. When shaving before you take a shower, ensure that you have a filter installed in your bathroom, which can prevent hair from going down the drain and subsequently block it.

Know What to Flush Down the Toilet -- Only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Some materials such as hand wipes and sanitary towels can clog the toilet because even with multiple flushes, they cannot be broken down as easily as toilet paper. When you plan on having guests around, you can place a clear sign by the door, warning them not to do improper disposal in the toilet. A garbage bin located in close proximity to the toilet can also avert clogging.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal -- The waste disposal underneath your sink should not be used to dump every kitchen waste. Just because the garbage disposal can grind waste does not imply that you should force plastic, grease, glass, tough bones, and fruit peelings into it. Avoid costly repairs by simple maintenance tips such as using ice, frozen vinegar, and baking soda to clean the garbage disposal. Finally, always protect your hand when dealing with this machine.    

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