Toilet Distress | 3 Ways Your Toilet Bowl Could Turn Your Return From A Dream Vacation Into A Nightmare

Imagine the idea of returning from your dream vacation only to find that your bathroom has turned into a plumbing nightmare? Often, the problem is because you've left your toilet bowl unchecked for far too long. In some instances, it's purely your bad luck. This guide shows you ways your toilet bowl could turn your return from a dream vacation into a realistic nightmare. You may need to call an emergency plumber immediately if you face any of these problems.

Overflowing Septic Waste Owing To Obstructed Drains

The idea of walking home to a bathroom overflowing with septic sewage is enough to make you want to hurl. While this may sound far-fetched, the fact is that this reality is affecting many homes across Australia because of obstructed drains from indissoluble items like sanitary pads, baby diapers and wet wipes. When your drainpipes are obstructed with these objects, septic waste starts to back up through them because sewage from the building or neighbourhood isn't allowed to flow properly. This backed-up sewage waste will reach your toilet commode and eventually spill on to your bathroom floors. An emergency plumber will need to unblock the drains using a professional-grade drain cleaning machine before evaluating the extent of the problem.

Toilet Bowl Or Flush Tank Drips Drench Your Bathroom Floors

Your toilet bowl or flush tank will eventually drip or trickle with water if you ignore minor problems like chips and cracks for long periods. These small trickles may cause a flood on your bathroom floors when you're away on your vacation because no one is home to check them, which can end up damaging the interior structure of your home. If the problem gets too bad, you may have to redo your entire floor. To prevent this problem, employ a plumber to make sure your toilet bowl and flush tank are free from cracks and chips. Replacing a cracked toilet bowl is far more economical than having to redo your entire bathroom flooring.

Flush Tank Breaks Down

If you return from your vacation and notice that your flush tank has stopped working, the problem could have arisen because of choked rings, damaged components or even jammed sewer drains. This problem probably started well before you left on vacation, but may have gotten worse in the weeks you've been away because no one was home to notice the flush tank's deteriorating performance. If the problem lies with small flush tank parts, then your plumber will simply replace them. If not, your plumber may need to inspect the main drain lines for obstructions and blockages.

Coming home from your dream vacation to these realistic bathroom nightmares can be stressful. Hire a professional plumber to inspect your bathroom before you leave on vacation to lower the risk of these toilet bowl complications.  

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