Benefits of an Indoor Above-Ground Lap Pool Installation

Ever wish you could enjoy a swim from the comfort of your own home, without a stressful drive to the gym? The thought of an expensive, disruptive excavation might have put you off having a lap pool installed in your home, but did you know that an above-ground pool was an option? These pools are easier and cheaper to install, cost less to heat, and are safer in homes with children and pets. Read on for all the details.

Easy installation

No excavation is needed for an above-ground lap pool, since you're essentially just putting together a huge bath. Installation will be quick and easy, and the shape and size of the pool can be tailored exactly to your needs. This means that you'll make the most of all the space you have available. You'll minimize any loud, messy building work, and your pool shouldn't take more than a day to get up and running. If you're considering a DIY installation, then an above-ground pool is by far the easiest option.

Lower heating costs

Compared to an outdoor pool, heating costs will be much lower for an indoor, above-ground pool. Less heat is lost, so you won't pay a fortune to keep your pool nice and warm. The surrounding area will also be warmer, meaning you won't have the unpleasant experience of getting out of the pool and straight into freezing cold air. This is ideal if you live in a cooler climate, or an area with bad weather. Your pool with will usable all year round, and you can be sure that your swimming routine won't be disrupted by the elements.

Safer for children and pets

There have been several recent cases of toddlers drowning after accidentally falling into swimming pools, so extra safety features are a must when children are around. Depending on the height, above-ground pools can either be accessed by steps or sections of raised flooring. You can design access to your pool to make sure that it isn't accessible to pets or unsupervised children, using safety gates or removable steps. There's no risk of slipping on the ground and falling into the pool, as there is with in-ground pools. For maximum peace of mind, you can install a sturdy, fitted cover on top of your pool, making it impossible for children or pets to climb to fall into the water. Safety is absolutely key when installing a pool in a family home.

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