Why Choose Engineered Stone for Your Kitchen Countertops?

If you are contemplating changing kitchen countertops for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, you need to know what options are available. One of the most sought after types of kitchen countertops on the market right now are those built using engineered stone.

Here are some good reasons explaining why you should opt for engineered stone kitchen countertops if you have never tried them before.

Excellent wear resistance

Kitchen counters often suffer a lot of abuse in the course of the normal kitchen activities. Engineered stone is a high-quality material that is guaranteed to remain in tiptop shape for long despite the abuse. One thing that contributes to the durability of engineered stone is its non-porosity, meaning that liquid spills won't be able to permeate its surface and that they can be wiped off easily. Another advantage is that engineered stone is heat-resistant, and this is essential for a room where placing hot cooking pans on the countertops is the custom.

Lastly, countertops made from engineered stone have extremely hard surfaces, and this prevents the formation of scratches, chips, and other unsightly markings that may be left behind by sharp kitchen items like knives.

Easy to keep clean

As pointed out earlier, engineered stone is remarkably impermeable. This means that there is little room for harmful bacteria to find its way into pores of the material, where it can be hard to remove. All you need to do to keep your engineered stone kitchen countertops clean is to frequently wipe them using a piece of soft, damp cloth and manufacturer-recommended cleansers. The ease with which these countertops can be cleaned makes them ideal for the kitchen, where people prepare meals.

Visually appealing

If you would love the attractive look of natural stone but do not want to deal with its high maintenance requirements, engineered stone is a great alternative. These days, manufacturers of engineered stone countertops are getting closer and closer to replicating the exact look of natural stone. These manufacturers offer products that come in a broad spectrum of earthy colors to add to the character and charm of the room. Therefore, expect to find something a bit more exotic than the usual black and gray engineered stone countertops you might know of. Better still, colorants can be used to attain a more personalized appearance.

Aside from the many eye-catching colors that engineered stone can come with, the material can be polished to give a more exquisite finish.

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