3 Considerations When Installing Insulation For Your Timber Floors

Insulation helps to prevent heat gain and loss in ceilings, roofs, floors and walls. In fact, insulation can save you up to 40 percent when it comes to your heating and cooling energy bills. The best part of insulating your timber floors is the fact that you won't have to worry about your feet turning too cold in winters while saving you money on energy bills in the long run. Here are some considerations when installing insulation for your timber floors.

Choose The Type Of Insulation Material You Want

A range of different timber under floor insulation choices is available to you. Materials like wool rolls, glass wool rolls and polyester batts can be used to add the layer of insulation needed to protect your floors and home from turning cold during winters. Alternatively, you also have the option to choose polystyrene insulation boards or polyurethane spray foam when planning under-floor insulation for your timber flooring. These materials provide protective barriers to prevent outside air from turning floors cold. You will need to discuss the insulation materials for your timber flooring with the insulation experts based on your local conditions.

Choose A Higher R Rating For Better Thermal Insulation

Flooring insulation materials are measured in terms of their thermal resistance — known as an R rating — which makes it easier for you to choose between the different materials available. Materials with higher R ratings naturally offer better thermal insulation. So no matter what insulation material you choose, make sure you choose a higher R rating. The cost of insulation will depend on the R rating. For instance, polyester batts with a rating of R 1.5 will cost you $35, while R 4 polyester batts will cost you $75. While higher R ratings may be slightly more expensive upfront, they will save you money in energy bills over time.

Protect Under Floor Ducts From Poor Performance

When fitting insulation under your floors, you must ensure the experts take care not to leave any gaps between the ducts leading to your air conditioning or heating unit. The experts should also take good care to protect your ducts from any damage that may arise out of the insulation installation process. If the ducts are moved slightly during installation, be sure to check your heating unit before the experts leave to check that everything is working.  The insulation experts can even add a layer of protection around the ducts to safeguard them from future damage if you desire.

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