Ways to Make Your Garbage Disposal Last Longer

You rely on your garbage disposal to grind up small food pieces when doing dishes, but it isn't going to last forever. However, the better you take care of your garbage disposal, the longer it is going to last before having to replace it. Here are some tips for extending the life of your garbage disposal.

Use Cold Water

Something that not many people know until they start going through multiple garbage disposals is that you should never use hot water when using the garbage disposal. Hot water doesn't damage the moving parts themselves, but it can cause any grease in the disposal or drains to liquefy, which then causes other food debris to stick to it, causing a major clogging problem. If you were to use cold water, the grease and oil would turn into a solid, so it isn't going to cause as much of a problem in the trap.

Clean the Disposal Regularly

The garbage disposal also needs to be cleaned regularly in order to remove debris that would otherwise lead to corrosion or rust. On a routine basis, pour some dish soap into the drain, turn on cold water, then run the garbage disposal for several seconds. This helps to clean out anything remaining in the disposal. A little less often, you can add some baking soda into the kitchen sink, then repeat the same process with water and running the disposal. The baking soda is going to help provide an abrasive material that scrubs away at the disposal when it is running. If the disposal is starting to smell bad, grind up some small pieces of citrus rind.

Be Careful What Goes Into the Disposal

A garbage disposal should not be treated like a trash can, so don't clean all of your plates in the kitchen sink. Certain food items should never be put in the drain because they are hard on the garbage disposal and decrease its life. Avoid putting any animal bones, egg shells, raw potatoes, or other hard and coarse items in the disposal. Clean off all plates in the trash can first before washing them in the kitchen sink. Also, never put any oil or grease down the drain, wiping up the oil from pans with a paper towel first.

If you don't do many dishes in the sink, you should still run your garbage disposal on a regular basis. This will help to keep it running properly and avoid rust. Call a plumber, such as those found at A and C Plumbing, if you are experiencing further issues with the disposal.

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