Steps to Protecting Your Upholstery with Fabric Protector

Buying furniture tends to be an expensive affair. For this reason, you need to get a fabric protector so as to protect your furniture from unsightly stains and dirt. This is one of the ideal ways to prevent any upholstery damages due to heavy usage or even when putting your furniture into storage. Follow the steps below to learn how to use a fabric protector.

Read the label on your furniture

The first thing that you need to do is examine the piece of furniture that you would like to protect for any labels from the manufacturer.  Most furniture comes with one of four labels. 

  • The first of these labels is the letter W. This means the type of furniture you have is suitable to being cleaned using water. 
  • The second type of label is the letter S. This type of label indicates that the furniture you have should be cleaned with solvents. 
  • The third of these labels is W/S. This indicates that either water or solvents are safe to use. 
  • The last of these labels is the letter X. This indicates that the furniture you own should only be brushed or vacuumed. 

For the first three labels, it is safe for you to apply fabric protector on your furniture. The last label indicates you can only brush your furniture, which also means that you cannot apply any fabric protector on the furniture.

Applying the fabric protector

Before embarking on applying the fabric protector, you need to put on a safety mask. A painter's mask will suffice for this job. Proceed to shake the can of the fabric protector and then hold it several inches away from the piece of furniture that you are working on. Use slow sweeps over the furniture when you start spraying the fabric protector. One handy tip is to ensure that you overlap all the rows so that the piece of furniture is covered with fabric protector in its entirety. When you are doing this, you will notice that the fabric protector will look foamy, but, by the time you are finished, the fabric on the furniture will absorb it all.

Finishing touches on your furniture

Let the furniture dry for about a day. Once this time has elapsed, you should then use a soft brush to remove any residual foam or powder. Do not use the furniture or put it into storage until it is completely dry.  

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