DIY Plumbing Jobs That Really Aren't DIY

Some plumbing jobs can be handled by most homeowners; a clogged kitchen sink can be cleared by unscrewing the curved pipe under the sink and removing all that food waste and gunk very readily. Some jobs, however, are best left to a professional even though you may have a nice selection of tools and online videos to help. This is because even the smallest mistake with plumbing can mean future leaks, burst pipes, and other such expensive damage. Note a few DIY plumbing jobs that might not really be DIY and which are better left to a real plumber.

Replacing a rusted pipe

If your home has a rusted pipe, you don't want to simply pop a new pipe into its place. The reason for this is that you want to find out why it was rusted and ensure you're addressing that problem rather than just replacing the pipe; if you don't, you could be overlooking a water leak that might lead to mold growth behind the walls or that allows the new pipe to corrode just as quickly. If you use the wrong material of pipe, this too can mean corrosion around the connectors and more rust and leaks. Have a plumber check a rusted pipe to find the source and correct it properly.

Replacing a hot water heater

When your old hot water heater is beyond repair, you don't want to think that you can simply buy a new one and connect the pipes and then plug it in. However, you need to ensure the water pressure is adjusted properly as well as the temperature, so your home's water never gets too hot. You also need to ensure the pipes are connected properly so there are no leaks. Installing a new hot water heater can also mean ensuring the old one is drained properly before it's removed, and this too is better left to a professional.

Clearing a backed-up bathtub drain

A clog in the tub can often be cleared with a plunger or plumbing snake, but once the tub starts to back up, this is something best left to a professional. That backup might mean that the pipes outside your home have cracked and are allowing in dirt and sediment so that your drain gets severely clogged. Simply clearing a clog won't address these cracked pipes and they may eventually burst. As with a rusted pipe, you want to have a plumber find the reason for a backup in the tub and address the problem, not just the symptom.

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