Advantages Of Using Trusses Over Rafters For Your Roofing

When it comes to timber roofing construction, home owners have two options: trusses or rafters. If you are renovating or constructing a house, you will have to pick one of the two. In this article find out why trusses are the better option for your property.

Better structural strength

First, timber trusses offer better structural strength compared to rafters. The timber pieces used in trusses are much larger that those used for rafters. They also feature webs that improve the load bearing capacity of the trusses. Larger trusses also have metal braces that offer reinforcement to the joints. Trusses can therefore support more weight and withstand higher stress levels. For these reasons, trusses can also span wider lengths and offer wider applications for your attic living and storage needs.

Numerous architectural designs to choose from

Unlike rafters that feature one simple design, trusses are available in numerous architectural designs. These include designs such as: king truss, queen truss, hammer truss, arch truss and attic truss, among many others. These different designs offer you different ways to compliment your roof and your overall home design. This is especially helpful if you don't plan to have a ceiling installed such that your trusses will be visible from below.

Quicker roof installation

Unlike rafters, trussed are manufactured off-site in workshops and delivered complete, ready for installation. During installation, they simply need to be attached to the top plate on your wall framing. Also, considering trusses are stronger than rafters, fewer units are installed. All this reduces the installation time greatly compared to rafters that have to be nailed one by one across the entire roof.

Better roof profile consistency

Since trusses are manufactured in workshops, their quality standards are often better compared to those of rafters. Trusses are actually made over measured jigs to ensure each truss is identical to the next. This ensures your roof has a perfect profile. The same cannot be said of rafters that are installed singularly by roofers.     

Trusses make roofing easier to plan

Trusses make the roofing process very easy to plan and manage. For one, you can order your trusses in advance and have them delivered ahead of time. This avoids construction delays. Two, since trusses are delivered ready, you do not need to worry about running out of material, as is the case with rafters. There is also less material wastage with trusses as you do not need to cut them to size.

Of course, this does not mean you can use just any trusses for your roofing. Look for a reputable truss manufacturer licensed in your state to enjoy quality products with all the above benefits.

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