How to Pick the Right Security Screen for Your Home

They're called two-legged pests, and this refers to burglars and other unwanted guests who try to access your home. A good way to avoid them without making your home feel like a prison to those on the inside is to install security screens. These are heavy-duty, tightly woven screens made by a company like Aus Secure that are more secure than standard window screens. They may be permanently affixed so that they cannot be moved without being taken down completely, or they may be on hinges that allow them to swing in or out of the home. Note a few tips to keep in mind in order to pick the right security screen for your home.

1. Material

Aluminum is a very affordable type of metal and an aluminum security screen may be cheaper than steel, but it may also be more vulnerable. An intruder may be more able to bend or cut an aluminum screen. Steel screens are stronger although they may be more expensive. One consideration, beyond price and security, is that steel will typically be heavier than aluminum. For very large windows, you may need to upgrade the window frame so that it can easily hold the weight of a steel screen and this too can add to the cost. Balance your desired security level against your budget but remember that security screens are only going to actually keep your home secure if they are not bent or cut, so invest in the strongest material you can afford.

2. Mesh

The mesh is important in a security screen; the tighter the mesh, the harder it is for an intruder to fit a pair of bolt cutters or tin snips through the screen to cut it. Very tight mesh will also keep out more bugs when the inside windows are open. As with the type of metal, a very tightly woven mesh screen may be more expensive but more secure. Note, however, that a tightly woven mesh will also block out more sunlight, so for windows where you want maximum sun exposure, you might opt for a looser mesh just for added comfort.

3. Locks

If you opt for security screens that allow you to open and close them, look for locks with deadbolts or slides that clamp around the inside frame of the screen and not simple slides such as you see on a screen door. These locks should be made of heavy-duty metal, not thin plastic. Hinges should also be made of heavy-duty metal and should be without pins that can be removed. The hinge should also be on the inside of the screen, not the outside, to keep it from being accessed by intruders.

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