Reasons To Choose A Slate Roof

When you decide to replace your roof, you can choose standard wood or asphalt shingles, or you can go a bit off the beaten track and consider a slate roof. These roofs are made from natural stone, and they can offer you some benefits that make them a superior choice over tried-and-true shingles.

Durable -- Slate is a natural stone mined from deep in the earth that is made from a blend of clay, volcanic ash and shale. It's cured in high heat, which makes it a strong and durable material for roofing purposes. Slate is naturally resistant to heat, and it is also fireproof, which is a huge consideration when you are building a roof.

Flooding is one of the biggest homeowner insurance claims, and is almost always a result of a roof leaking. And keep in mind that while your insurance will cover the repair of a roof, it will not cover the damage that arises from flooding. Installing a slate roof can help prevent you from having to file a claim, because slate resists moisture.

Also, because slate is formed under intense conditions, it will not fade, crack or split over time like a roof made from wood. You can expect slate roofs to last an average of 100 years or more, which is much longer than an asphalt or wood shingle roof.

Easy Maintenance -- Other types of roofs such as wood shingle, wood shake and asphalt shingle require constant maintenance to ensure that the shingles aren't broken, cracked or leaking. But with a shale roof, your maintenance is much easier because slate shingles are much harder and much more impervious to harsh elements. Unlike wood, slate isn't susceptible to fading, yellowing and splitting, and it's not hospitable for termites. Slate also doesn't form mold, so you don't have to worry about mold eating through the stone, which is a major source of repairs with wood roofs.

Colour Flexibility -- Slate roofs are available in a number of different color hues, depending on your preference. Unlike wood, which you have to paint, slate's colors give you a natural appearance that enhances the visual appeal of your home. Slate colors are determined by the area in which they were mined, so like granite, no two pieces of slate will ever look the same. However, slate that is mined in nearby areas tends to have the same hue, so even if the patterns of the slate tiles are different, the color will be uniform. Slates colors include purple, pink, grey and cobalt blue.

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